Quick Start
To see entities with queries, go to the Graph Explorer with an interactive sandbox.


Entities define the schema of the subgraph, and represent the data that can be queried. Within each entity are sets of fields that store useful information related to the entity.
Each entity is defined with a value type, which will always be a base AssemblyScript type, or a custom type provided by The Graph's custom TypeScript library.
All MAI3 entities can refer to GitHub.

Entities Types

To learn more about entities' types of subgraph refer to The Graph's documentation.


The subgraph can be queried to retrieve important information about MAI3, perpetuals, pools, users, and more.

Making Queries

To learn more about querying a subgraph refer to The Graph's documentation.

Historical lookup

To get a snapshot of past state, use The Graph's block query feature and query at a previous block. See this post to get more information about fetching block numbers from timestamps.